Where do you choose between TV Box and HDTV ? Let’s Check it out to get information.

In this era, technology is the first popular thing in a daily activites. Because it develops and give some innovation in everyday. So, many people in the world always to be update of technology.  As we know ,the picture, video, some infromations and money are the things most interersted by them.  Now, we can access everything by the internet and technology. To get some informations can get from television. Now, the new styleof television was born and we know these are TV Box and HDTV. How these work in a daily ?

TV box is the new technology style after smart TV. Many people change into android TV Box because it less cost than HDTV antena. TV Box is hardware used STB (Set Top Box) has been completed by OS (operating system)  but without layar so it should have used by LECD or LCD conneted with HDMI. Then, what is it used for in a daily ? it can to access more infromation in tye world without join the expensive payment television customer, watching videos and mvies by the internet access, game playing, listening music and others android used for.  It shape more large and box than TV stick. And many people should know what the benefit when it becones in our home :

Chating and video call

The different is the size of LCD. When the smartphone is small but by TV box you can do with your family.


When you have saved the picture in your smartphone and connected into TV Box it can be more large.


When you want to controll the children’s browsing. It is the solllution.


If you are the best gamer ever. It is the sollution to make your booster.

Watching video

The best ever moment that peopel waited in a day.

Now, you have to know what are the surplus of HDTV. Is it interested you than TV Box ?

It has the best signal if you put antene

When you want to get the best signal to watching movie very fast. It is  the first sollution.

You can watch many channels by the indoor antene

Many channels in the country that give you some informtaion about sport, news, styles and politics. So, you should do it !

Thats all the  benefit you must try from those explanation. You can choose which is the best in your version in a day . good luck !